Terms of Service

Terms of Use

Be sure to read these conditions and terms of service carefully prior to making use of our services and website not including the following:

Y2mate.com is which is the y2mate application, as well as it’s y2mate browser extension

This document outlines the conditions and terms (“Terms”) that govern the manner in the basis of which y2mate.com (“we” or “us”) will provide service to you via its websites, applications and other services (collectively”the Service”). In the document below, words “you” or “your” refers to you, the company you represent, you or its representatives successors, assigns, affiliates, as well as any of your devices.

When you visit, access the Service, using it the Service, downloading or copying, installing, and/or signing up to (collectively “using”) the Service you signify your understanding and agree to these Terms. If you don’t agree to be bound by these Terms, stop accessing the Service and erase any copies of the Service you might possess.

The terms also contain limitations on liability and legal disclaimers which limit our liability. Also, you use the Service is entirely at your own risk, and we are not liable or give any guarantees whatsoever, whether implicit or expressly stated regarding the Service.

1. Eligibility and Accounts

  1. The use of the Service isn’t permitted when it is unlawfully prohibited. Without limiting this, you warrant and represent that you are not in a country subject to an international or applicable embargos or is classified by law of the international or applicable to be an “terrorist supporting” country and that you do not appear in any list of restricted or prohibited entities.
  2. It is required to be least 18 (18) years old to be able to use the Service. If you’re under the age of 18 (18) an age, you will not be allowed to use the Service and must immediately end your use of the Service regardless of parental approval.
  3. You could be required at any time and at our discretion, set up your own account (an “Account”) to make use of certain parts that comprise the Service to the maximum extent. In such instances, you assure us that the details you give to us when the process of creating your Account is accurate and correct. You will update this information whenever it changes, or whenever we request it. You agree that we could also have be able to access, with your permission personal information by the use of a third-party, or any other method dependent on the permissions that you grant. You must not access the Account of another person or entity without permission or access to accounts belonging to another person using any other system. The Account owner is solely responsible for the confidentiality of your Account and restricting the access of your account. You are solely accountable for all actions that occur through your Account. You must notify us immediately of any security breach or misuse on your account. According to the terms of this agreement We will not be held responsible for any damages arising from any misuse of your Account. In addition as a result of the indemnification clauses hereinafter and in the event of any breach, you agree to indemnify us and hold us accountable for any misuse of your Account. You acknowledge and agree that anyone who has the access rights to your account will have access to entire data stored within your Account, which includes any private information.
  4. The reason for your acceptance in advance of these Terms is that we’re giving you the right to grant Use to access the Service in accordance with Section 2 of these Terms. The user acknowledges and accepts that the consideration is sufficient in the sense that you’ve received it in connection with the Service.

2. Grant of Use

  1. We give you a non-exclusive, not transferable, and limited right to access, use, and display, and utilize the Service, including the entire Content available on it (the “Content”) on your mobile or computer as permitted by these Terms , subject to limitations (technical and other) that apply to the Services. You are only permitted to access and utilize the Service to use it for your personal, non-commercial purposes.
  2. This license is revoked at our discretion for any reason, and at our sole discretion without notice or prior notice. In the event of termination, we can however not be obliged to (i) remove or disable your Account or usage of the Services, (ii) block your IP address and e-mail addresses, or stop the use and ability to use the Service or (iii) take down and/or erase all of your User Submissions (defined in the following section). You are not permitted to make use of or attempt to make use of the Service following the end of the term. After termination the grant of your rights to use the Service will cease, but the other provisions of these Terms will continue to apply. You agree that we will not be liable for you or any other third party for the expiration of your use grant.
  3. Alongside the conditions that are set out in this document The usage of the Service is subject to these rules and features, and limitations of the Service that may be modified from time to time at the sole discretion of us. You are not permitted to make use of this Service in any way in where it is not intended or permitted to be used. Service is not designed or allowed to be used.

3. Intellectual Property

  1. The Content, which excludes user Submissions or third Party Content (defined below) and also other text pictures, graphics, text and videos software scripts, source code as well as trademarks, service mark, and logos in it (collectively “Proprietary Materials”) are owned by us or granted to us. All Proprietary Materials are subject to trademark, copyright, or other rights that are protected by the laws of the jurisdictions in which they operate which include domestic law, international laws as well as international conventions. We reserve all rights in the use of our Proprietary Materials.
  2. Except where explicitly allowed You agree not to reproduce, modify the Proprietary Materials, publish, transmit or distribute, take part in the sale or transfer of, or create derivative works from and in any other manner make use of, in either whole or in part any proprietary Materials as well as third Party Content.

4. User Submissions

  1. You are completely responsible for any materials that you upload, download or transmit and modify, or provide to others in or through the Service that includes any sound video or audio files or photos you make and transmit, alter, or download via your use of the Service (collectively, “User Submissions”). User Submissions are not always able to be removed. It is acknowledged that any divulging of personal information contained in User Submissions can identify you as a person and that we cannot warrant confidentiality in regards your User Submissions.
  2. You are solely responsible for all of your User Submissions, as well as for any and all consequences arising from uploading, downloading, posting or transmitting or making your User Submissions accessible. For all User Submissions, it is your responsibility to affirm you represent and warrant that:
  3. You possess the necessary licenses and permissions, rights, or permissions, and permit us to use any trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, or other rights to proprietary rights related to User Submissions in connection with any and any purpose contemplated by these Terms and Conditions; Service in these Terms and
  4. You have obtained written permission, consent and release or consent from each identified person included in your User Submission to use the name , likeness, and/or name of every identifiable person in order to allow the you to use your User Submission for all purposes contemplated by Services as well as these Terms.
  5. You also acknowledge that you will not upload, download, transmit to, upload, modify, transmit or make available content that:
  6. Is protected by copyright, trademark or trade secrets laws, or is otherwise subject to the exclusive rights of third parties including rights to privacy and publicity except that you own these rights, have express permission from the owner to make the material available in order to allow us to use all the rights granted in this license or have another legal and valid basis for the material, and provide us with all of the rights granted by this agreement;
  7. is obscene, vulgar or illegal defamatory, fraudulent, harmful, libelous, harassing or threatening, abusive infringing the rights of privacy and publicity, defamatory and offensive to a particular race or ethnicity or inflamatory, or unacceptable as determined by us at our sole discretion.

iii. depicts illegal acts, encourages or depicts physical injury or harm against any individual or group or encourages and depicts acts of violence towards animals;

  1. Impregns any person or entity , or misrepresents your identity in any manner, including creating a false identity
  2. It could constitute, incite or offer guidelines for committing a crime or violate an individual’s right to rights, individual or cause liability or infringe any state, local international, or national law or
  3. Unsolicited or unapproved marketing, advertising, “spam” or any other type of solicitation.
  4. We claim no ownership nor any control of User Submissions and third Party Content. You or a third party licensor depending on the situation, own the copyrights for User Submissions and are accountable for securing those rights when appropriate. The irrevocable grant to us an worldwide non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual sub-licensable, non-cancelable license to reproduce publically, publicly perform and publicly display distribute, modify, adapt, translate, publish, make derivative works from and exploit other the User Submissions to any use, not including but not limited to limitations any purpose permitted through this Service or these terms. You also irrevocably disclaim and make us and all of us any rights or assertions of moral rights , or the right to attribute User Submissions.
  5. You warrant and represent that you are possessed of each of the right and powers and authority to confer the rights provided herein on User Submissions. Particularly you warrant that you have the authority to download and upload, alter or access, transmit, or make available User Submissions to the Service and that uploading or downloading the User Submissions won’t interfere with any other party’s rights or obligations under your contract to any other party.
  6. You agree that we have the right to in our sole discretion deny to publish, remove or restrict access to any Submission regardless of the reason or at any time in any way, and without prior notice.
  7. Without limiting any other indemnification provisions contained herein the agreement, you are obligated to defend us against any lawsuit, demand, or proceeding brought at our expense by a third party who claims the User Submissions you submit or the utilization of our Service violating these Terms violates or infringes on the intellectual rights of any third-party or violates the law applicable to you, and you will defend us against the totality of damages incurred by us as well as reasonable attorney’s fees and any other costs incurred by us the event of any such claim or demand, suit, or proceeding.
  8. If you provide any suggestions for us to consider making improvements to our Service and/or adding features or enhancements to the Service you grant Us the ability to make use of your suggestions, without cost to you.

5. Content on the Service

  1. You acknowledge and agree that when using our Service, that you may be exposed to information from various sources, including content that is made available via or on the Service by users, service providers, third entities, or through automated or other methods (collectively, “Third Party Content”) and that we are not in control and are not accountable for any Third-Party Content. You are aware and accept that you could be exposed to material that is offensive, inaccurate or objectionable in any way or could cause damage for your systems. Additionally without limiting any other limitations of liability clauses herein you acknowledge that you have the right to waive, and by doing so do waive any rights or remedies based on law or equity or remedies that you might have against us in connection to it.
  2. We do not claim any control or ownership over Third Party Content. Third parties own all rights to their own Third Party Content and they are accountable for protecting their rights in the appropriate manner.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that we have no liability whatsoever to monitor the Service for any inappropriate content or behavior. If at any point we decide, at our sole discretion, to review the content of any kind, we take no responsibility for any such content, and are not under any obligation to change or remove any of the information (including Third Party Content and User Submissions as well as third Party Content) and accept no obligation for the conduct of any other person who submits of the content (including Third Party Content and User Submissions as well as third Party Content).
  4. without limiting terms below regarding limitations of warranty liability and disclaimers All content (including User Submissions as well as Third Content) on the Service is made available for you “AS-IS” for your information for personal use only. you must not reproduce, copy or transmit, distribute display, broadcast or sell, license, or use for any other reason whatsoever the Content without the written permission by the owner/sellers the Content.
  5. You agree that we can in our sole discretion deny to post, remove or prevent the access of any content at any time for any reason or no reason whatsoever, without or with prior notice.

6. User Conduct

  1. You warrant and represent that all data and information provided through us by you is true and up-to-date and that you are able to exercise all the rights, power, and authorization to (i) accept the Terms and Conditions, (ii) provide the User Submissions to us and (iii) complete the actions required of you by these Terms.
  1. You expressly permit us to record, monitor and track your activities through the Service.
  2. as a condition of your access to the Service:
  3. You agree to not make use of the Service to fulfill any unlawful reason or in any manner which is prohibited by these Terms.
  4. You agree to comply with any applicable local or state, national or International laws, regulations and laws.

iii. It is your agreement not to make use of our Service in any manner that could expose us to civil or criminal responsibility;

  1. You agree that you will be solely responsible for all actions or omissions which occur due to using the Service;
  2. You acknowledge that all User Submissions are yours and that you have the power and authority to supply us with them and use them via or through the Service;
  3. The Service prohibits you from employ any automated tool, such as crawlers, robots, or other data mining instruments to download, monitor , or make use of data or Content obtained on the Service.

vii. You agree not to engage in any action that puts or might impose at our sole discretion an excessive or overly heavy demand on our infrastructure for technology or any other action that puts unreasonable demands on it.

viii. You are not permitted to “stalk” or otherwise harass any person on or via the Service;

  1. The user agrees not alter headers or alter identifiers so as to conceal the source of any information you send;
  2. The Service is not intended to block, bypass or in any other way interfere with security-related functions on the Service or features that restrict or limit the use or the copying or reproduction of any material, or that impose restrictions on your usage or use of your Service and the information contained contained therein;
  3. It is your responsibility to not publish or link to or make available via the Service any content that may contain software viruses or software code or file, or software that is designed to disrupt the, damage, or limit or control the performance or performance of computer programs, equipment for telecommunications or hardware;

xii. The Service is not yours to grant a license or sublicense, sell or and/or assign the rights to or distribute or in any other manner commercially exploit or provide either the Content of the service or Service to any other third parties;

xiii. You accept not to “frame” or “mirror” the Service and

xiv. You accept not attempt to decompile any part that is part of Service.

  1. You can only make use of the Service in accordance with these Terms as well as the agreements that govern the way in that the service is made available to you (including such agreements as any agreement with an app store). You are solely responsible for the acquisition of any additional or related hardware or software that is required to use the Service.
  2. As stated below it is not permitted to disassemble, decompile, reverse compile or reverse-assemble, reverse translate or reverse engineer any other aspect of the Service or any other similar technique to locate what is the code behind the Service or to find the existence of any intellectual or trade secret that is part of the Service.
  3. You agree that from time-to-time, the Service can automatically scan for updates and install them to your devices. You acknowledge and agree that the Service will provide updates without your consent or permission. Any updates made to the Service are considered to be as part to the Service. However, we are under no obligation to send you any changes for our Service (nor will any third-party).
  4. Our reserves permit us to pursue any appropriate actions against any user who engages in any illegal use of the Service which includes injunctive, civil and criminal recourse and termination of any user’s usage of the Service. Any usage of the Service or our computer systems that are not permitted under these Terms constitutes in violation of these Terms as well as certain international, foreign as well as domestic criminal and civil laws.
  5. Alongside the termination of the license to the use of the Service anyone who violates this Agreement which includes the terms of Section 6 Section 6 will subject your to liquidated damages up to 10,000 dollars ($10,000) for each violation. If your conduct causes any legal proceeding (whether for you, or us by any other party) or causes physical or emotional injury to any person the other party, you will be liable to liquidated damages in the amount of One Hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) in each offense. We may, at our sole discretion, transfer any damage claim or a portion of it to a third-party who has been wronged due to your actions. The provisions for liquidated damages do not constitute a penalty rather, they are an attempt of the Parties to assess the degree of actual damages that could result from a breach. You agree and acknowledge to the fact that liquidated damages is minimal and that if the actual damages are more, you will be held accountable for the greater amount. If a judge of competent jurisdiction determines that these liquidated damages are not enforceable to any degree, then the liquidated damages are decreased only to the amount necessary to be enforced.

7. Services on the Service

  1. You agree it is true that this Service is a tool for general use. In particular, but not limited to it allows users to access media on various other platforms and also convert and download that media. The Service can only be used in compliance with the law. We do not promote or permit, endorse, support or allow any usage of the Service which could violate any laws. We specifically do not permit the use of our Service for downloading any material that is in breach of copyright laws.
  2. In the event that we can keep any User Submissions in any way We do not plan to keep the User Submissions for any longer than a short period to allow users the chance to download their Content.

8. Fees

  1. You agree that we retain our right to bill you for each of our offerings, and to modify the fees we charge from time to any time at our sole discretion. If we at any point end your access to the Service due to a violation in these terms, then you will not be entitled to a reimbursement or any portion of the charges. In all other respects, these fees will be controlled by any additional rules or terms, conditions or agreements that are posted on the Service and/or enforced by any sales representative or payment processing company that may be modified at any time.

9. Privacy Policy

  1. We have an additional Privacy Policy. Your acceptance to these Terms is also a sign your acceptance of and comprehended this Privacy Policy. We can amend our Privacy Policy at anytime by posting modifications on the Service or on our website. There is no other notice sent to you concerning changes. The continued use of the App following any changes made constitutes your acknowledgment that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and that you have read and comprehended it.
  2. You acknowledge that we could gather and utilize technical data and other information that includes but is not limited to technical data about your system, device or application, as well as peripherals. This information is collected frequently to facilitate the delivery of upgrades for the Service.
  3. You understand, agree and consent to us being able to access, maintain and disclose your personal information if we are required by law or if we have a reasonable belief that access or preservation is necessary or reasonable for us.

10. Copyright Claims

  1. We are respectful of our intellectual property rights as well as those of other people. You must not violate the trademark, copyright, or any other rights to informational proprietary of any person. We reserve the right to in our sole discretion decide to remove any Content (or limit your use of the Service using the Content) we believe that think violates the rights to intellectual property held by others and could also terminate your access to the Service in the event that you upload any of these Content.
  2. Return Infringer Policies. As an element of our repeat-infringer policy the user who we receive three valid and effective complaints in any consecutive six-month period will see his right to use the Service ended.
  1. While we aren’t bound by United States law, we freely comply to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In accordance with Title 17, Section 512(c)(2) of the United States Code, if you suspect that your copyrighted content is being violated by the Service We have appointed an agent to be notified of claims of copyright violation. Notifications must be sent to [email protected].
  2. Any notifications that are not pertinent to us or unenforceable legally will be met with no response or action. Effective notification of an alleged violation must be in writing message to our agent which comprises the following in large part:
  3. Identification of copyrighted work which is believed to have been infringed. Please provide a description of the work and, if you can provide a copy or the address (e.g. URL) of an authorized copy of the work.
  4. Identification of the material considered to be infringing and the location of the material or, in results of a search identification of the source or link to the material or an activity that is believed that it is infringing. Please give the description of the material, and include the URL or other pertinent information to enable us to locate the item via the Service or on the Internet;

iii. Information that allows us to reach you such as your contact number, address and, if it is available an e-mail address

  1. A declaration that you are of the confidence in your good judgment that the the material you are requesting to be used is not permitted by you or your agent, nor is it a violation of the law;
  2. A declaration that the information contained in the notice is correct and, under the penalty of perjury, you own of the work or have authority to represent an owner which is claimed to have been infringed.
  3. A signature in electronic or physical form from the copyright owner or the authorized agent.
  4. If your User Submission or a result to your content is removed pursuant to a notification of claimed copyright infringement, you may provide us with a counter-notification, which must be a written communication to our above listed agent and satisfactory to us that includes substantially the following:
  5. Your signature, whether electronic or physical;
  6. Identification of the item which was removed or access to which has been restricted and the location in the time that the material was displayed before it was removed , or access was disabled;

iii. A declaration that is liable to perjury that you are of an honest belief that the item was disabled or removed because of a an error or misrepresentation of the material that was to be disabled or removed;

  1. The name of your address phone number as well as an email address, and a declaration that you accept the legal jurisdiction of the courts at the address you have provided as well as the address where the purported owner of copyright is located.
  2. A declaration that you take service of process from the purported copyright owner , or its agent.

11. Modification of These Terms

  1. We can amend these Terms at anytime by posting modified Terms on the Service. The Service will not notify you of any changes. given to you regarding any changes. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOUR CONTINUED USE OF THE SERVICE FOLLOWING SUCH AMENDMENTS WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF SUCH AMENDMENTS, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU HAVE ACTUALLY READ THEM.

12. Indemnification and Release

  1. You accept to indemnify and indemnify us from any and all losses as well as third-party claims, expenses including attorney’s fees that result from your use of the Service or in connection with your violation the Terms.
  2. If you have a disagreement with another users or with any third party we release you as well as our employees, officers as well as our agents and successors-in-right from any claims, demands or claims (actual or consequential) of any kind or nature, both known and unknowable as well as unsuspected and suspected unreported and disclosed, due to or in any way connected to the dispute and/or the Service.

13. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liabilities

  1. The Service could contain links to websites owned by third parties or other services that are not owned by us. We are not responsible for the privacy policies, content or practices of any third party and do not make any representation or guarantee in relation to any accuracy or completeness, or authenticity of information found on any websites of third parties and other websites. We do not have any rights or power to alter the information on any third-party website or any other service. We acknowledge that we will not be held responsible for any and all liabilities due to your use of any of these third website or any other service.
  2. 3. The Service is offered “AS-IS” and without any warranties or conditions, either express implied, statutory, or implied. We specifically disclaim to all extent of all implied guarantees of the merchantability, fitness to specific purposes and non-infringement, as well as information accuracy integration, interoperability, or peaceful enjoyment. We do not make any representations or warranties regarding virus-related or harmful elements conjunction with our Services.
  3. In no circumstance will we be liable for INCIDENTAL, DIRECT or consequential, special, or exemptive damages (EVEN when we’ve been aware of the possibility of these damages) that arise out of any aspect of your use of the SERVICE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Limitation, the damages arise from (i) the use of or inability to use the Service, (ii) YOUR RELIANCE on any information or content posted on the Service, (iii) THE INTERRUPTION of the Service, its suspension, modification of the Service, or the complete cessation of the SERVICE or (iv) the cessation of SERVICE by US. THESE LIMITATIONS ALSO APPLY WITH RESPECT TO DAMAGES INCURRED BY REASON OF OTHER SERVICES OR PRODUCTS RECEIVED OR ADVERTISED IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVICE.
  2. Your sole and exclusive right and remedy in the event of dissatisfaction with the Service or any OTHER issue shall be the end of your access to the SERVICE. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, IN NO CASE SHALL THE MAXIMUM LIABILITY OF US ARISING FROM OR RELATING TO YOUR USE OF THE SERVICE EXCEED $100.
  3. The warranties and disclaimers above and limitations of liability will be considered to be applicable on our corporate parent and directors, officers, subsidiaries and employees, agents, designees contractors, affiliates successors, assigns, and subsidiaries as well.

14. Disputes

  1. To the extent that is permitted by the law, these Terms and any claim or cause of action or dispute that might be between you and us are subject to the laws of the Russian Federation without regard to any conflict of law provisions. FOR ANY CLAIM BETWEEN US, YOU AGREE TO SUBMIT AND CONSENT TO THE PERSONAL AND EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION IN, AND THE EXCLUSIVE VENUE OF THE COURTS IN the Russian Federation. In the event we seek indemnification from you under this agreement We may bring lawsuit to seek indemnification (and all additional demands) within the exact court where the lawsuit against us that we seek indemnification filed. You agree to waive any rights to seek a different venue due to an improper or unsuitable forum.
  3. You acknowledge that as a acceptance of these conditions, you are absolving yourself of any right you might be entitled to a trial before a jury in any dispute between us that arises from or related to these conditions as well as the Service. This clause is enforceable even if any arbitration provision or other provisions in this section are not waived.

15. General Terms

(a) The Terms which may be changed from time-to-time represent the entire agreement between us and you and supersede any previous agreements between us and you and are not subject to change without our prior written consent.

(b) Our inability to enforce any provision of these Terms should not be taken to mean an admission of any right or right.

(c) Should any portion in these terms is found not to be valid or ineffective under lawful standards, the ineffective and unenforceable clause shall be considered to have been superseded an enforceable, valid and legal provision that most closely reflects the purpose of the original provision , and the remaining provisions of the agreement shall remain in force.

(d) (d) Nothing in this document is meant, or taken as conferring rights, remedies or privileges on any other person.

(e) The Terms are not transferable, assignable or sub-licensable by you, unless we have prior written approval, however, they can be transferred or assigned by us at any time without restriction.

(f) You accept that we may send you with information via email or regular mail, as well as postings on the Service.

(g) The titles of sections within these terms are intended for convenience only and do not have any legal or contractual force.

(h) In these terms, the word “including” is illustrative and not exclusive.

(i) (ii) If the agreement has been transposed and signed in a different language than English in the event of a contradiction in the translation with the English version that version will prevail. English version will prevail.