How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery?

Are you looking for ways how to download YouTube videos in Mobile Gallery? Look no more because this article contains a handful of information on downloading any video to the mobile gallery, no matter your mobile device.

However, you must know there is no legal way of downloading videos from YouTube because it goes against Youtube’s privacy policy. But, there are several safe ways of downloading videos discussed in this article.

You may have encountered many discussion forums where many people share their difficulty in downloading their favourite videos on their devices.

This forum provides a complete guide on saving any video from YouTube into your device. Before getting into the detailed steps, you must have a brief knowledge of YouTube and how it works.

What is Youtube?

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform and social media website that allows users to upload, share, and view videos.

Users can watch and upload various content, including music videos, how-to tutorials, vlogs, short films, etc. 

YouTube also has features like commenting, liking, and subscribing, which allow users to interact with each other and create a community around their favourite content.

In addition to its social features, YouTube is a powerful marketing tool for businesses and individuals. Many people use YouTube to promote their products and services, build their brands, and reach a large audience.

YouTube does not allow users to download the video on their devices. This is the main problem with this platform that this article intends to solve.

There are a bunch of easy ways of downloading videos from YouTube. Some require you to download the application, and some are direct and easy. We will discuss both ways in the guide below.

How to download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery Without Any App.

In this method, you don’t have to download any third-party application to download YouTube videos. This is quite an easy way of saving videos to watch later without an internet connection.

It sounds amazing? Doesn’t it? But there is one thing you should know about this method. You cannot access the video file in your mobile’s Gallery or Download folder. You must go to the YouTube app on your device to watch the downloaded video.

Follow the below procedure and learn how to download YouTube videos in the mobile gallery.

Step 1. Open the YouTube app on your mobile. Play the video that you want to download on your mobile device.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery

Step 2: Click on the download button. 

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery

Step 3. After downloading, go to the Library from the menu ribbon at the bottom.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery

Step 4. Click on the “Downloads” folder. It contains the video that you just downloaded.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery

Note: You can only watch the video from the YouTube app on your mobile because videos are saved inside the app. Also, the downloaded video will be deleted if you uninstall the YouTube app from your mobile.

There are alternate ways of downloading the videos into your mobile’s gallery and download folder below. Moreover, you can download videos in different formats.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery by Using Apps

By this method, you will be able to download YouTube videos on your mobile, and also you will be able to watch the videos from your gallery or downloads folder. 

Several applications allow you to download videos into your gallery, such as Y2matecom, Vidmate, Snaptube, etc.

Downloading with Y2matecom

Y2matecom is the best video-downloading application for mobiles. It does not contain ads or annoying pop-ups, allowing you to download videos from YouTube without interruptions. 

Below is how you can download videos using the Y2matecom apk. 

  1. Download the y2matecom apk from the website and install the application on your mobile device.
  2. Open the YouTube app on your mobile and play the desired video.
  3. Click on the share button.
  4. Select the Y2matecom apk icon from the options. A list of available formats will appear on your screen. 
  5. Select your desired format and quality.
  6. The video will be saved to your Mobile gallery.

Note: you can also download the video directly from the y2matecom app by opening youtube from the y2matecom application. The rest of the steps are the same as above.

Downloading with Vidmate

Vidmate is also a video-downloading application that allows you to download YouTube videos on your mobile gallery. 

  1. You need the Vidmate app on your mobile to download from YouTube.
  2. Open the YouTube app on your mobile and click on the share button.
  3. Click on the Vidmate icon, select the quality you want to download and click the download button.
  4. Video will be saved to your device, which you can watch from your mobile gallery.

Note: Downloading via the Vidmate app directly is also possible by accessing YouTube from within the app

Downloading with Snaptube

Snaptube also offers video downloading features with many formats and quality options. Downloading videos from Snaptube is quite the same as other apps. 

  1. All you have to do is to install the Snaptube app on your mobile and repeat the process above.
  2. You can also download videos by opening youtube from within the app. Just open the Snaptube app.
  3. Open Youtube. Select the video which you want to download. 
  4. A download button will appear on the screen. Click on the button and select quality from the list.
  5. The video will be saved to your mobile gallery and download folder.


How to download YouTube videos in Mobile Gallery?

You can download Youtube videos in the mobile gallery by downloading Y2matecom app from the website. It allows you to download any video from YouTube to save on your device.

How to download short videos from youtube to the gallery?

There are several methods to download a short video from YouTube and save it to your device’s gallery. The first method is to use the YouTube app on your mobile device.

Search for the desired video, tap on it to start playing, then press and hold on to the screen. A menu will appear, from which you can select “Download Video.”

If the video isn’t already in your gallery, YouTube will upload it as part of the downloading process. Release your hold on the screen, tap “Download Video,” and YouTube will download the video and add it to your gallery.

Where are videos downloaded from youtube stored?

Downloaded videos are saved into the Gallery and Download folder on your device. Another way to access the downloaded video is by accessing the Download folder inside the app.

Can we download all kinds of youtube videos to phone storage?

Yes, You can download any YouTube video to your gallery, whether a video or short. You can download them in different video qualities and audio & video formats.

How do I move videos from downloads to my gallery?
When downloading videos from the application, you don’t have to move them anywhere. The downloaded videos are automatically saved to the gallery of your mobile phone.

Can I Transfer Youtube offline videos to other storage?
You can transfer the downloaded videos to a PC or phone storage. You can also share the video file using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram. You can do whatever you want with the video after downloading it on your mobile.